The Raw Cane ships Australia wide. 

The Raw Cane sugarcane juice is raw and unadulterated, meaning your juice is delivered to you as if you just juiced it yourself.

Because of the perishable nature of The Raw Cane sugarcane juice, we deliver your cane juice to you frozen.  Overnight delivery is preferable, however, a maximum of two days delivery is also an option.  And if you receive your sugarcane juice slushy and thawing out, you can also recommence the freezing process by placing in your freezer.

The Raw Cane sugarcane juice will be bagged, bubble wrapped and insulated to maintain the quality and prolong the thawing out process, particularly with extended delivery destinations. 

If you are expecting The Raw Cane to deliver to you that day, and you are not home, please leave an esky or cooler bag at the front door, and our delivery team will leave your sugarcane juice in your cooler to preserve the thawing our process.

The Raw Cane does offer a 'pick up' option, The Raw Cane can supply your sugarcane juice provided your order has been paid for in full prior to pick up. The Raw Cane does not accept cash for pick up sales. Please place your pick up orders at 

Please use the map guide below to determine which coloured zone you are in, if delivery in Victoria.

All other sugarcane deliveries in Australia attract the flat rate of $24.15, up to 5kg. If a larger order is required, a higher delivery rate will be attracted. Please contact to discuss your needs.

Please ensure you've familiarised yourself with the zone map prior to choosing your shipping fee at checkout. The Raw Cane will correspond all zones with the appropriate shipping fee and place shipment on hold if correct shipping fee is not applied. 

We'd love to hear from you if you have any queries or concerns on how to have your sugarcane delivery made to you.  Please email with any questions.