Health benefits of raw sugarcane juice

With only 11 to 13% of total sugar content, sugarcane juice has less sugar than Orange or Apple juice,  and far less sugar than most soft drinks.  The sugar content in sugarcane makes the juice a perfect and most beneficial natural energy drink.  The fast absorption of natural glucose gives our bodies a natural instant energy to move our muscles effectively, hydrating our bodies as well.  Sugarcane juice has a low glycemic index, which is beneficial for diabetic patients and those watching their weight, which in turn compliments the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body and boosting our metabolic health.  The iron and folate content in sugarcane juice assists with our Hb levels, particularly important in pregnancy.  Sugarcane juice aids the energy supply to significant internal organs including the heart, kidneys, brain, liver and can even benefit our eyes.  Beneficial to individuals who suffer from kidney stones, as sugarcane juice is a natural diuretic and not only assists in eliminating the stones, but nourishes the urinary system of our entire body.  This leads to sugarcane juice effectively relieving urinary incidences such as difficulty in urination or unpleasantness during urination.  Sugarcane juice, drunk frequently, helps the kidneys to execute their job effectively.  Treating jaundice is easy with sugarcane juice, and can in some instance even help prevent poor liver function and blocked bile ducts.  Drinking two glasses of sugarcane juice along with lime has shown to relieve jaundice symptoms. Those suffering protein loss through fevers can relieve their struggles by drinking sugarcane juice too.  Sugarcane juice proves to be an excellent source of warding off common colds and flus, and can assist with relief of an aching throat, assisting our immune system and promoting recovery qualities.  





Sugarcane juice is a wholly healthier alternative than drinking beverages with high processed sugar contents, and sugarcane juice gives you the energy kick a lot of us seek with our sugary pick me ups. Our bodies thrive on on carbohydrates for fuel, and when sugarcane juice is included in our diets we give our bodies the required nutrients to perform its best.  Sugarcane juice not only benefits our inside organs, our biggest organ, our skin, is also a recipient of sugarcane juice's many healthy properties. Alphahydroxy acid and glycol acid reduces acne, blemishes, helps skin stay hydrated and prevents ageing.  Some add a tablespoon of sugarcane juice to their face scrubs, some add it to their facial masks.  Sugarcane juice,  being from the grass family, has a high potency which is equivalent to wheatgrass juice, only more sugar content, and less chlorophyll.  


There are clearly many reasons to drink sugarcane juice.  Sugarcane juice tastes great too, even the fussiest of eaters/drinkers, such as toddlers, teens and some adults have been known to change their concentrated fruit juice/sugary pick me ups and convert to sugarcane juice.  We suggest letting sugarcane juice do the talking.  We hope you enjoy The Raw Cane's freshly pressed sugarcane juice, delivered to you.