Is sugarcane juice bad for you?

Sugarcane juice is made from the sugarcane stalk.  Our cane is sourced from North NSW, cleaned and transported to us in Pearcedale.  We receive the cane and juice it raw, unadulterated, unpasteurised and not treated with pressure.  When sugarcane juice is consumed in its rawest form, such as we offer to you, the health benefits are plenty.  The refined sugar we find at supermarkets and in sugary drinks (sodas, some fruit juices) is best avoided. 

Why do I have bits in my sugarcane juice?

Sugarcane is juiced through a 4 roller juicer, which means the cane gets pressed by four  individual rollers and juices squeezes out.  Because sugarcane is essentially a stalk, and related to the grass family, some of the cane, whilst being crushed, can flake off and escape our mesh filters.  Our juicer has an inbuilt mesh filter, and we retain another mesh filter whilst juicing to try and keep the bits to a minimum.  These stalk 'bits' are in no way hazardous to your health, in fact, you could see it as adding a little extra fibre to your already fibre rich sugarcane juice. 

How long can I keep sugarcane juice in the fridge?

Sugarcane juice is best kept refrigerated and consumed within 5-7 days.  The less you open your sugarcane juice bottle, the longer you are able to keep refrigerated without compromising taste and quality.  The Raw Cane recommend consuming your sugarcane juice within 3 days of thawing, as we believe the taste is the most enjoyable during this window.  However, other sugarcane juice companies assure 7-10 days is acceptable too.  Treat sugarcane juice as you would any other freshly made juice. 

What can I drink with my sugarcane juice?

The possibilities are endless.  We enjoy drinking sugarcane juice with a squeeze of lime, mixed with coconut water, in green smoothies, in açai bowls, frozen with coconut milk, with freshly juiced watermelon.  We love sugarcane juice slurpies.  There are no hard rules of what sugarcane juice is good with, we encourage you to experiment and let us know what you've found to be a great combination.