About The Raw Cane

Raw Cane is a family owned, 100% Australian made business located in Ferntree Gully.  We are passionate about health, particularly what goes into our bodies. 

Through years of educating ourselves on nutrition, and our children, we have discovered sugarcane juice. Whilst being widely accepted and routinely used in Asian, India, Brazil and their neighbours, the western world is yet to discover the benefits of sugarcane juice and how advantageous it can be for you, and your family.  We believe the benefits of sugarcane juice is visible within our family, and we want to bring the benefits to you and yours.

The Raw Cane sugarcane juice is juiced using a pressed, 4 roller juicing machine.  The whole cane is inserted into the machine, and fed through the rollers, pressed by each individual roller to express sweet, hydrating sugarcane juice.  At The Raw Cane, we don't treat our sugarcane juice with heat, or pressure, as some other juice companies do.  We juice, bottle and freeze.  Our juice is frozen immediately after bottling so we can deliver our juice to you, and give you the freshest juice we can, whilst keeping all the good stuff intact and ready for you to absorb.

The Raw Cane believes nature provides the correct form of nutrients for our bodies to perform at its best.  Not all sugars are equal, and not all sugars are good for our bodies.  Refined sugars, ones stripped of all nutritional value, are not sugars nature intended us to consume.  The Raw Cane believes highly processed foods, mostly containing artificial flavours and colourings, are one of many causes ending in rises of significant diseases also causing sharp increases in fatalities, and loss of quality of life, affecting both adults, and children.  The Raw Cane has created a sugarcane juice, fresh-frozen, unadulterated, pure, unprocessed, chemical free, non-genetically modified and natural food for you to consume, free of added nasties.  The Raw Cane wholly believes and supports Australian farming, including family-owned farms, small businesses, local (where applicable), sustainable and reduced carbon foot printed products.  The Raw Cane aims to support local business by choosing bottles and fixtures Australian made and owned.  We aim to improve local communities, and lives within, by contributing to Australian economy with Australian products.  



The Raw Cane enjoys supplying wholesome, natural and chemical free sugarcane juice for you and your family to enjoy.  We strive to maintain a high standard of customer service, both to our customers, and our suppliers.  It gives The Raw Cane great pleasure to know each and every one of our valued clients, and we encourage everyone to enjoy our product and get to know us, through our blog, our social media accounts and personally at the many markets/events we will frequent. 


Welcome to The Raw Cane.
We hope to see you again.
Michael & Tanya
The Raw Cane