Who wants sugarcane juice?

Dragonfruit sugarcane

I recently responded to a sugarcane juice request by a beautiful little cafe in Yarraville. Due to the demand of sugarcane juice, and it becoming more and more popular, coupled with the scarcity of obtaining it at ones convenience, I encourage all small businesses to consider using sugarcane juice in their every day smoothie making, baking and even coffee!

Who would like to see their local stock sugarcane juice for you to enjoy at your convenience? Sugarcane juice has numerous health benefits, it seems crazy to me that people are scared of drinking it! If I could use myself as a testament to show the obvious testaments, I will! Who wants to hear how I and my family have benefitted from ingesting sugarcane juice one a daily basis? 

We we would also like to hear your story! 

Sugarcane freaks unite! ?✌?️



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