Sugarcane juice and losing weight

Lose weight by drinking sugarcane juice

Can Sugarcane juice help you lose weight? Yes, sugarcane juice is a highly beneficial and potent juice that can help us to lose weight. Many people believe in the myth that sugarcane juice can cause weight gain. However, the inverse is true. It can actually help us to lose weight and provide us variety of vital nutrients to the body. The sugar content in sugarcane juice is actually less than 20 percent. The rest of the juice is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. It not only assists in weight loss but provides other health benefits like anti-cancerous, antioxidant, kidneys cleanser and even stabilization of body sugar levels. Sugarcane juice is rightly considered as nature's perfect nutrition with healing powers.

The potency of sugarcane juice is similar to wheatgrass juice. Like wheatgrass juice, it helps to detox our body and detoxification helps to reduce and eliminate toxins from our system. This detoxification helps in gradual weight loss as our system is cleansed and metabolism improves.

Sugarcane juice is an alkaline and revitalizing juice. It helps to hydrate our bodies and replenish the water deficient in our bodies. It is alkaline in nature and helps to reduce the acidity and thus, improve the alkaline-acidic balance in our bodies. Alkaline environment promote good health, vitality and healthy weight loss.

This juice, counter to our thinking, is very low in glycemic index and helps to stabilize sugar levels. Only 13% of the sugarcane juice, is sugar. Rest, is composed of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Stabilization of blood sugar levels is very important for weight maintenance and even optimum weight loss. When the blood sugar levels are stabilized, we are less prone to diseases like diabetes and other damaging health conditions.

This simple sugarcane juice also helps to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol. Improved cholesterol levels helps to improve the heart health, better blood circulation and even weight loss as you can exercise more. Regular intake of sugarcane juice is sometimes used as a healthy alternative to medicine to decrease the bad cholesterol in patients. However, if you are having high cholesterol and taking medication, please discuss with a qualified doctor before making any drastic change. All the above material here is for information only.

Sugarcane juice is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the major reason why people are unable to lose weight. This inflammation is caused by unhealthy eating habits and stressful lifestyle. Adding this juice to your daily intake can help to reduce body inflammation and thus, improving your ability to lose optimum weight.

However, sugarcane juice should not be taken in excess and moderation is required. Generally, one medium glass of sugarcane juice is sufficient for one day. Daily drinking of one glass of sugarcane juice can help in reaching healthy weight and also bring healing to the body. In case of medical condition, it is best to take sugarcane juice under the supervision of a qualified medical doctor.

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