Lemon and sugarcane juice

Lemons are known for their tangy sour taste. Not many of us are willing participants of eating lemons, especially on its own. But did you know of the numerous benefits of lemons once incorporated into our diets? Simple as adding a squeeze of lemon to your morning water, waking up our digestive system, kick starting out metabolism and eliminating our morning breath situation... Lemon especially goes well with sugarcane juice. It's gives The Raw Cane's juice another level of refreshing sweetness... Not at all overpowering, subtle yet completely awesome at the same time. One of the most hydrating and nutrient dense juices around, yet us westerners have no idea it exists! Get some sugarcane juice into you today! You can order today for delivery tomorrow. Check out our range of flavours and prices at therawcane.com.au or email tanya@therawcane.com.au


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